Market My Vision

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[Leia immediately booked over $7,000 in between 2 companies and has since replaced her corporate income]

"As a direct result of Market My Vision® coaching my resume business immediately generated $3,200 and the HR side generated $4250.  

I ran my 1st ad and immediately got 4 inquiries and closed 2 clients. In total my 1st month of MMV, I picked up 12 new clients!

Leia Mashaka, HR Consultant at Leia Mashaka Consulting 

[Merissa booked $10,000 in business in 14 days]  

 "The amount of time we spent during our coaching is going to save me so many hours because I would have tried to look for it myself and so far, I wasn’t getting the results I was looking for.  

Working with Natalie is absolutely awesome, it’s worth every cent, every dollar. Even better than I expected!” 

Merissa V. Grayson, America's Blended Family Expert 

[LaMonica booked 4 clients in 24 hours] 

"You really did provide a lot of great feedback and were so available throughout the program, with the office hours calls and posting in the group. And when we got caught up with life and business you made sure to hold us accountable and check on us which was great because with all I have going on it’s easy to get sidetracked. I’m really glad you did that!"

LaMonica Evans, Fitness Trainer & Coach 

[Karina signed her 1st client in 24 hours and generated $4400 in 30 days] 

"I signed 3 new course clients at $600 each. I was really happy because I didn’t do too much promotion, and I incorporated a lot of your technique (like sprinkling in testimonies) and I found that really effective.  

I got 2 private clients ($1200 and $1400) and I raised my prices while in your group too. That’s more than I made at my job!"

Karina De La Cruz, Parent Coach @ Parent With Heart

[Lanisha filled her 1st membership program with 10 new clients in 30 days]

"Putting systems in place to have more control was key! I’m used to my days being reactive. Just those 5 or 6 steps we put together alone was worth the investment! 

And, I understand FB ads! Knowing how to properly use these tools. I didn’t realize how easy it was to develop the ads and get them running. I was overthinking the entire process. 

Now I am focused and know where I should spend my energy. I really enjoyed having someone who gets it and I could share all of my ideas with.” 

Lanisha Stubbs, Real Estate Agent/ Investor @ Wesity

[Tieko generated over $8,000 on her 1st set of webinars]

"There was no apprehension. I was certain about what to do. Even with not being perfect (made some boo boos during my webinar (like forgetting to record) I was able to generate over $8,000 in enrollment with just 2 webinars. 

The increase in sign ups was my biggest goal and I saw that immediately. The webinar structure and coaching from Natalie is the reason I doubled my goal. My goal was 25 people. 50, I would have been ecstatic to hit my “big mark” but now I have 93 students! 65% of them came from what Natalie showed me in our coaching."

 Tieko, Brand Strategist at Tieko Nejon 

[Julie booked over $5,000 in clients and program income in 30 days]

"I had 2 private clients come in at $1897. I had 5 clients (at $297 each) that came into my online class.

It’s intangible! Just being in the group and feeling more confident about what I did helped a lot - seeing people and being able to talk to other people doing the same thing.  

I began to understand that there was a format and the only way I’m going to know if it works is if I try it. So being able to do a format that works. I found for me, the format works more in person.  

I get discovery calls online and I can pretty much book 50% of them."

Julie Ward, of Fresh Food Alchemy

[Kylie’s 1st video series gained over 4,000 views in just 5 days and her business grew by 60% in less than 5 months]

“My business began to grow so much that I had to get an assistant on board! 

I can see a difference in the systems I had in place. Natalie helped make my life easier and help me differentiate myself than the other agents. Before I didn’t know what to do – Now I know what to do! It helped me to create so much business. 

Before working with Natalie my social media referrals were far and few in between. I have definitely seen my income grow without killing myself! Majority comes from social media and my business has grown by 60% and I’m doing less.” 

Kylie, Financial Representative at New York Life